Monday, September 14, 2009

Tinker Swiss Cottage 1919

This Swiss Cottage is located in Rockford Illinois and was built in 1865 by businessman and one-time Mayor Robert Hall.  Today the cottage is a museum open to the public and filled with original furnishings.
If interested in the history you can go to the official website to learn more.
The setting is so serene and beautiful.  Doesn't it just make you want to take a stroll around the property?
Postmarked September 8, 1919.


  1. What a GREAT idea to showcase these beautiful post cards. I loved seeing them. In today's world of quick emails, what a treat to find a post card in the mail box. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey, wait! That iconic Holiday Inn sign brings back childhood memories. Kids on my street would brag that they stayed in a Holiday Inn. My family never did. As kids 7-9, we thought this was "cool". I think Holiday Inns are more corporate now. Fun post and here via Hilary!