Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Smiles

I love the month of September. 
 It's a celebration of my birthday and my husband's birthday.
It signifies the end of summer and the beginning of holidays to come. 
This is usually the time my husband and I use to take our yearly vacation.  Everyone is back in school and so we avoid all the crowds.
Because today is the first day of September, I thought I would showcase all my postcards that were either written in September or postmarked in September. 
I think my first post card is special because it gives me a glimpse into the history of a department store that no longer exists.
I hope you enjoy!
The front of this post card shows the grounds of the Green Park Hotel in Blowing, NC
To read more about its history and to see what it looks like today
What intrigued me about this post card is that the woman addressed it to National Bella Hess,
one of the largest department store catalogs at the time.  
Notice the postmark is September 14, 1939
The woman is requesting the fall winter catlogue of 1939-1940
To read more interesting history on Bella Hess
Click here and here
It really is quite interesting if you're into learning about the history of business success.
To see a sample of what was in style in 1929
you can see it here, straight from the Bella Hess Catalogue.
I have more postcards to showcase this month
So stay tuned..........


  1. love your post card, I love your blog design too. That is cool, you have collected so many post cards. You like to collect old post cards? How about new one, will send you one from Singapore if you leave me your address. Cheers.

  2. Your blog has a very beautiful and romantic design.Great piece of history too. Thanks for your visit. The book was written by the Dutch author Wil Huygen, who was a doctor. It was illustrated by Rien Poortvliet. You can see them in the slide on the second page. I have written their names on their images.

  3. Oooohh thank you SO much for telling me about Aromatic Herbs, I am SO excited to try it!! I just love hearing about new candles to try. I also loveee this post you have written! September is such a great month and my absolute favorite. Thank you for sharing your post card!