Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oldest School House

This is one of my favorite post cards.
I love the scene of the children, listening so intently to their teacher;
and the fireplace in the background makes the room appear warm and cozy.
The items on the walls and the mantel add so much to the warmth of the room.
It puts a smile on my face and I wonder what lessons they were learning that day.
(Remember to click on the photos to see more detail and read the script)
This one is dated September 6th, 1936.  
This letter was written 73 years ago today.
I am so blessed to have this little piece of history.
This school house still stands today and allows daily tours.
To read about the architecture of the building and see what it looks like today
The history is fascinating.

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  1. Oh, I just love your blog. I collect Antique and Vintage ephemera. This post card is wonderful. I love thinking about the history of these finds. When a treasure like this falls into our hands it's as if we become the keepers of their memories.

    So nice to meet you.