Monday, September 7, 2009

Idaho Falls 1919

This is the beautiful Idaho Falls in Idaho Falls, Idaho.
My husband and I had the pleasure of seeing the falls during our 2006 vacation.
We stayed at the Best Western Inn which is adjacent to the falls.
It was one of the nicest places where we stayed on our trip.
You can learn more about Idaho Falls by visiting The Chamber of Commerce.
This post card is post marked September 7, 1919
Don't you just love peeking into other people's travels?
When was the last time you sent a post card to someone?
I just sent a post card to some friends last month from my short trip to Nashville.

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  1. These post cards are so awesome! How much fun. I have old postcards that my brother sent to me when he was in the Navy from every port he visited. He is 13 yrs. older than me so I was a kid. Now I am motivated to get them out and take a look. I also have old letters from my grandfather and great, great grandfather of letters they sent home during wars. I'm so excited to go read them now!