Saturday, August 1, 2009

Residence of Gray Craig (1909)

I purchased this post card just a few days ago at an antique mall.
It was the old brick building and its reflection in the water that I was attracted to.
Also, the postmark of 1909 sealed the deal.
I found an original article about this house written in 1904, showing the very same image as on my postcard.
If you'd like to read the full article click here:


The backs of the postcards are always my favorite part. I love reading the thoughts of people and seeing how detailed they get in their descriptions.

This one is addressed to:

Miss Lydia R. Sherman, West Kingston, Rhode Island

The author writes:

I am coming up to E_____ (unable to decipher) next saturday if nothing happens to m_____ (unable to decipher)-

Will come up and see you if I can. If I should (but) come do you suppose ________(unable to decipher) aunt Dannie would bring the Joeraniumm sometime when she is going to W______ (unablee to decipher) and leave it at Ballo Still. I should get it from marie all right.

Not sure if those are exact words. The handwriting was a little hard to read.

If you click on the pictures you'll get a larger view.

Maybe someone else will have better luck deciphering the note, than I did.


  1. the graphics in my blog I get from people who make them for me. Glad u like them

  2. I love the postcard! What a great idea to collect them. And what a beautiufl old castle! Thanks for sharing!...Debbie

  3. OH I love it. Old letters, postcards, documents make my heart skip a beat.

  4. Love the post card. Love the cool background for your new blog. And if you'll write me off blog, I'll give you some suggestions for finding fun art workshops.

  5. Dont you love the fancy handwriting? Just mosied over from Debbie's at Plate Addict. I'm going to check out your other blogs. Have a great day!